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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 14, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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seattle affiliate. thank you for the story. this morning, we are seeing the first picture of paula broadwell since she became the center of a sex scandal involving david petraeus. there she is. >> broadwell was clearly seen through the window of her brother's housen washington. now the fbi reportedly stepped up its efforts to find out how broadwell obtained the classified information found on her computer. and right there, is visuals of the other woman, jill kelly. who many just describe as, military fund raiser. >> right. quick point here. come on now, paula was in the window drinking a glass of wine. has better lighting than we do now, with the world media kind of watching her now. seems slightly staged. just saying. oh, well. sure she has a pr crew doing their thing now. as for the other woman in the scandal though she has not been accused of any wrongdoing, jill kelly has now hired a top washington criminal defense lawyer. >> she also hired a publicist.
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the same one who represented. monica lewinsky. >> ah. >> abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, set out to learn how she forged such a close relationship with the generals. >> reporter: jill kelly spent the day at her home in tampa not answering questions. in the background a television could be seen with news coverage of the peyton place like military sex scandal that focused attention on who she is and how she ended up in the middle of it all. the license plate on her mercedes-benz shows she is honorary consul for south korea. hi this is jill kelly. >> in the 911 phone calls, kelly told the dispatcher she deserved protection from the media outside. >> i am honorary consul general, i have -- they should not be able to -- i don't know itch you want to get diplomatic prote protection involved as well. because that's against the loss to cross, since this is now like, you know --
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>> reporter: kelly lives near mcdill air force base, home of central command and special operations command a place where access is closely guarded. yet she had easy access to the country's most powerful general stationed there. this picture was taken two years ago at a party at the kelley home. showing jill's twin cyst ter, natalie, general petraeus, jill's husband scott, jill, the general's wife, holl >> there is no question they were friend. and no reason why they wouldn't be friends. >> reporter: despite all of her lavish entertaining, court documents reviewed by abc news, show that jill kelley and her husband have been sued at least nine times. and faced foreclosure on their home. the kelley home also served as office for a charity she and her husband, a doctor once set up for cancer victims which spent tens of thousand of dollars on travel, meals and entertainment. all of it raised lots of questions about the two generals
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and their connections to the tampa housewife. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> making a prediction, real housewives of tampa will be on bravo within the next 18 monu m. saying it. >> seems like a candidate. described as a nice, bored, rich, social it. >> that's, thus the show. telling you. calling it. heard it here first, "world news now." >> double in on the bet with my cough drops. >> boom, we both get paid. beautiful. president obama will certainly face questions about the petraeus scandal during his new conference which happens late tire day at 1:30 eastern time. abc news, we will be providing live coverage with diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos. there is a warning abut new fallout from hurricane sandy. higher taxes for new jersey residents who already pay the highest property taxes in the entire country. governor chris christie, crusader for lower taxes, now says the rebuilding has to be paid for and as he puts it,
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quote, there is no magic money tree. sandy of course, demolished new jersey beach towns, wrecked mass transit and left 2.7 million homes in the dark. >> he says the people who live in the towns that have been destroyed by hurricane sandy that will likely pay higher taxes. doesn't necessarily appear to be statewide. did sign into law, 2010, where he would not allow property taxes to be raised more than 2%. >> imagine that will not sit well. it is an expensive recovery. we will see. the prostitution scandal threatening to tear about the seaside community will now be split in two. >> a judge ordered separate trials for the zumba instructor alexis wright and her business partner. accused of using her dance studio as a brothel, building a client list of more than 150 men including prominent community members. that story gets me all tounge-tied. >> i know it does. i wonder why. a driver who fled the scene of a
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hit and rush crash in milwaukee over the weekend may be surprise to learn it was all caught on surveillance video. the car ran a stop sign. hit an. uv. went airborne. landed on its side. neighbors rushed to rescue a woman unconscious at the time and her child hanging from the car seat. no word yet on whether police have tracked down that driver. tens of thousand of folks gathered to get a glimpse as mother nature briefly pulled the plug over northern australia. it was a total solar eclipse. >> crowds erupted in cheers as the moon passed between the sun and earth. plunging the reason into darkness. the peak of the eclipse lasted over 2:00 in australia. hotels have been booked solid more than three years. more than 50,000,0 people flood the area. a good will store saying hello, dali, salvador dali.
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>> workers going through a denation bin discovered an original etching signed by the famed artist. >> bidding began on the print, reflection, could fetch up to $5,000 for goodwill. some body is going to be reflecting why they were dumb enough to get rid of this. >> good for the charity. >> yes, that's what i meant. coming up. call it black friday, earlier and earlier. the stores want you to start shopping. the earliest yet is ahead. >> first, the bizarre story mentioned yesterday, the former tech mogul on the run. we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. you disgust me.
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there is trouble in paradise for an american man who once had it all. john mcafee made a fortune. >> now police want to question him about the murder of his neighbor. but he fears he could be the next victim. abc's matt guttman reports from belize. >> reporter: john mcafee is now becoming synonymous with drugs, paranoia and mysterious murder of mcafee's murder, greg fall, overnight saturday here in belize. mcafee is on the run telling wired magazine he has drastically changed his appearance. >> reporter: police tell abc news, the 67-year-old is a person of interest and is now being hunted by police even american officials still investigating the scene of the crime. >> when the police arrived at his property, he saw them coming and he hid. he in fact says that he dug
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himself into the sand and put a cardboard box over his head. but he is convinced if the police catch him, the police will kill him. >> reporter: the island, of palm shaded sand in the caribbean, accessible by puddle jumpers, so intimate everybody knows everybody. shane mccann was one of the first on the scene. >> he had a gunshot wound to the back of his head. he was laying face up. >> reporter: fall lived here for years, a place where americans come to find quiet and anonymity. according to this realtor, mcafee stood out. he said that he is paranoid. now i wonder if you have ever seen any evidence of that? >> certainly. any of us who live here on the island notice that when he is moving about town, he is not alone. he has got his security personnel, his security guard with him. >> reporter: they were armed with shot guns. mcafee seemed to advertise his
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zeal for security. but it could be this photo, snapped for a feature of john mcafee in "wired" which tells the story of a genius whose paranoia may be eating away at his sanity. >> reporter: during the recession, mcafee lost nearly $100 million. but enough was left to buy this compound. mcafee tells wired he believes the country of belize is out to get him. >> that they don't like him. that they either want him to leave the country or they want him dead. >> reporter: mcafee told wired, police poisoned his dogs. and that they killed his neighbor. insisting he had nothing to do with fall's death. >> he's dead, yeah, they killed him. so, it, it spooked me out. i thought my god, they mistook him for me. >> reporter: police and fall's family tell abc news, a
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different story, mcafee had become unhinged even violent. something that was witnessed firsthand recently. he traveled to belize in 2010 to interview mcafee and filmed this footage while there. >> the public persona of mcafee was very different from the private persona. he went through using a drug that was hallucinogenic. >> but mcafee kept running afoul of police. >> i seriously entertained doubts as to whether i was going to get out of his house alive. >> reporter: rafael martinez says police now wowonder about s sanity. >> i do not know the reason why he should be well -- not coming forward to speak with the police. i mean, not coming forward mean that you are wanted. for questioning. i mean, it begs the question exact low, state of mind, of course. >> reporter: according to davis who continues to be in communication with mcafee, mcafee remains on the move but is committed to staying in his
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beloved belize. he leaves behind a communitiryicommunitiry icommunitiry -- community reeling and still fearful of mcafee on the lam. >> a bizarre story. coming up next, the move toward earlier and earlier, holiday shopping. >> you can forget about black sfri d friday. that's ancient history by now. the new store strategies
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brace yourself another giant chain store is feeding the holiday shopping frenzy. >> bracing myself. sears doesn't want its customers to have to wait until thanksgiving. shoppers can buy right from their home computers this weekend. cue the crowds after wal-mart, target, toys "r" us and k mart announced their sales will start as early as 8:00 on thanksgiving night. sears now says it is upping the
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ante. starting black friday this sunday at 5:00 p.m. customers who are members of the shop your way club will be able to get deals online and then pick up their purchases in the store. >> it is going to give our customers a much better experience the they've will have more options, more alternatives, hopefully won't be rushed and feel they're getting the best deal. >> reporter: analysts wonder if other stores will try to match sears in what is shaping up to be an extremely competitive holiday shopping season. saying the earlier stores could convince people to start spending the better. the big box stores are coming out this year and trying something different. they're trying to extend the opportunities of shopping. and give the customer as many times to shop as they can. >> for its part, sears says it is just moving the same direction as its customers online. >> you know, i think black friday five years from now is going to have an awful lot more convenience options for the customers. with the adoption of technology
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people are going to be shopping more and more with smart phones, tablets. >> look at rob ordering my gift already. the best time to shop, monday, tuesday, wednesday, after thanksgiving. according to shopper track. i actually need those. >> a year's supply of breath mints. >> thank you. [ scratching ]
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versus the leading value brand. don't worry, there's plenty left for you dad. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft? >> the picture again, sorry. i love our second story coming up. before we get to that. this considering the news of the week is a very timely story. listen to this. from the l.a. times. a study published tuesday in the journal of neuroscience has uncovered a surprising new property of oxytocin. finding, men in monogamous relationships got a sniff of this stuff they subsequently put a little extra space between themselves and an attractive woman they had just met. this is a more men that men can sniff that would keep them more monogamous. >> promotes faithfulness. huh.
2:56 am
>> we could use a lot more of. oxytocin did not have the same effect on single straight men who comfortably park themselves between 21 and 24 inches from a female stranger. if you were in a monogamous relationship you stood 6 1/2 inches further back. the hormone kind of -- made you kind of keep, a better distance between someone you were attracted to if you are in a relationship. >> is that what jenny has been popping in your drinks lately? >> i am a good boy. a hormone to keep married monogamous men faithful. we have a shipment headed to d.c. >> a what? >> a shipment, shipment headed right over to d.c. get that stuff there, stat. please. >> okay. the story that rob is grinning about. just bring the picture up, okay. without further adieu. it is the tata trick. big breast, a milk truck modified to become a breast-feeding truck. because you know breast-feeding
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is stigmatized. a mother in pittsburgh wanted other moms to feel like there is a safe place for them to breast-feed their babies. >> she chose the subtle truck. >> subtle truck with a large breast and large nipple on top. what they do, the moms tweet their location to the milk truck whenever they feel they're in an unwell cu unwelcome environment. the milk truck will come. raised $15,000 for this. you hear, women forced into bathrooms to nurse. not legal in all 50 states. >> that's crazy. >> in public domain. i should say. >> it is nature the i never understood why people get freaked out by all that stuff. that truck, that truck. >> tata truck. >> wonder if they host bachelor parties. also, take a look. video speaks for itself. a product that started as a joke. actually is a real thing you can been for $40. a swifter you put on your kid, crawl on the floor, they're
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cleaning up. same team they're crawling. get it for $40. started as a
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this morning on "world news now" -- we follow the e-mail trail that is at the center of the military sex scandal. >> that is just as we are seeing one of the women involved for the first time since the story broke. it's wednesday, november 14th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." > good morning, everybody. well paula broadwell was seen just last night in washington through the window of her brother's house. good morning on this wednesday. i'm rob nelson. >> yeah, she was sipping on wine, looked some what relaxed. >> probably needs a drink.
3:01 am
>> i'm the other paula, paula faris, very uncomfortable with all this talk. details this morning about the other woman in the story, referring to jill kelley. we may hear from president obama about it all today as well. >> his first news conference since being re-elected. you can imagine this will be high on the press corps' agenda for sure. two guys safely back with their families after a few harrowing and rather cold days on one of the continent's highest mountains. hear from them in just a second. >> then from california it was a pretty rude awakening for some residents thanks to tens of thousand of gallons of waltter. lots of dirt. when you put the two together you are pretty much getting more mud than anyone should have to deal with. >> look at that. talk about pressure -- the golfer who was basically trying to save his career. and itch that wasn't bad enough, wait until we tell you what else he was dealing with during one nearly unbelievable round.
3:02 am
talk about a long walk, very much a spoiled here. but a good lesson for millions of americans who have maybe the same condition that guy does. yeah. first, new details in the still unfolding sex scandal surrounding david petraeus. >> finding out much more about the two women whose e-mails touched off all this week's drama. here's abc's karen travers in washington. >> reporter: for the first time since the scandal broke we see the woman behind the affair, paula broadwell, that scandal now include the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john allen. under investigation for potentially inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley, another woman at the center of the scandal. allen denies any wrongdoing. and the u.s. official said 95% of the e-mails in question are routine and harmless. but some are characterized as friendly and flirtatious. >> until somebody proves otherwise, i believe that he did nothing inappropriate. >> reporter: for now allen will
3:03 am
remain in his job. >> the president thinks very high leap of general allen and his service to his country as well as the job he has done in afghanistan. >> reporter: but his nomination to be nato's supreme allied commander in europe is on hold. an official told abc news, the fbi uncovered hundred if not thousand of e-mails between david petraeus and his biograph biographer, paula broadwell. many of them salacious in nature. earlier this summer, jill kelley receivednonymous threat tenning e-mails the fbi traced to broadwell's computer. there they discovered evidence of her affair with petraeus. general allen received one e-mail traced to broadwell that claimed jill kelley was a seductress. the president was sur pried when he heard of the petraeus s situation last week. rob, paula, back to you. >> all right, thank you, kiren. we are learning much more about the tampa socialite at the
3:04 am
center of this scandal. jill kelley has a special license plate, designating her as an honorary consul. title given by korean embassy. but is carries no official responsibilities. nor does it grant any immunities or even pay a sty penned. though she has not been accused of any wrongdoing just yet. kelley hired a,000 top criminal defense attorney and signed on with a publicist. the same one hired by, yeah, wait for it. monica lewinsky. interesting. >> very intriguing. president obama will certainly face questions about the petraeus scandal during his first post-election news conference. later today at 1:30 eastern. abc news will provide live coverage with diane sawyer as well as george stephanopoulos. but the president, as mentioned earlier, in this newscast standing by general kelly. through his spokesman, speaking very highly of him. >> general allen. >> did i say kelly?
3:05 am
>> you said kelly. >> general jill kelley. >> you need a flow chart. >> general allen. for sure. there is bipartisan support the a lot of people want petraeus to come back and testify on benghazi which is supposed to happen on thursdayen front of the senate intelligence committee. we have seen democrats, republicans saying he was there. he visited lib yeah. he need to come and debrief everyone as to what he saw. doesn't look like it will happen. >> you have to wonder you think pressure is going to mount a little built. both side are saying this. did a personal review of benghazi after admitting to the affair. he went on the trip. the fact that he had an affair doesn't make testimony less relevant or change the fact that thee was in charge when the ambassador and tlep others were killed. you would assume there is a strong rationale to bring him there to testify. for two reasons he dent want to diet. one his deputy who has taken over has all right information he has. two, he fears that if he does testify it would become a media circus. i don't think lawmakers on capitol hill are going to
3:06 am
acquiesce to the two points though. >> yeah. i don't think he want all that extra publicity. there is a lot of it right now. >> may not have a choice. see how it plays out. before the president does hold the news conference later today expect some news from house democratic leader nancy pelosi. pelosi says she will announce later this morning whether she will stay on as minority leader after the democrats failed to within enough seats last week to take back control of the house. also there are new questions right now about the political future of democrat jesse jackson jr. who easily won re-election to his illinois house seat last week. jackston has left the mayo clinic for the second time. no word yet on where he is headed or what he might head back to work. he has been on leaf since june for eatment of bipolar disorder. >> the governor of the state saying it is time for him to speak. on the heels of veterans day, boost of monthly benefit checks for vets next year.
3:07 am
increases payments 1.7% for 4 million veterans and survivors. the measure headed to the president was held up for weeks because of objections from a republican send nor whose i dent team was not revealed. >> no paycheck quite big enough for what the guys have done. other news this morning, two snow boarders stranded on a mountain since sun day are boek ho -- back home this morning in amazingly good shape. crews said they had to swim through sloppy chest high snow to reach the two men. hunkered in a snow cave, a few crackers, after taking a wide turn during whiteout conditions. >> the weather changed. we thought one thing looked like where we went. we took a hard leaf. it put us in like, the middle of a three stage cliff. >> there were times weep were hiking around. is that a tent? no, that's a rock. is that a person? no, that's a rock. toes are cold still. it's mind over matter if anything. so. >> get this, they were in such
3:08 am
good shape they managed to snowshoe their way down that mountain. after the rescue team fortified them with some warm drinks and dry clothes. >> that was pretty elaborate effort. collaborative effort. volunteers from tacoma, olympic, seattle mountain rescue teams and four dog teams from the washington search-and-rescue task force. they dug that little cave. little snow cave for protection. and -- >> reaw resourceful. very loquacious too. light out for the head of utility company blasted for poor recovery effort following super storm sandy. the ceo of the long island power authority, resigned without explanation on tuesday. lipa is under fire from outraged customers, and ape frustra frus governor, cuomo, said the utility is beyond repair. thousand without electricity. deadly plane crash lit up the night sky in jackson,
3:09 am
mississippi. three people were killed when their single enjin piper slammed into a home tuesday night. flames shot 50 feet into the air. a mother and son escaped the burning home with minor injuries. the pilot reported an on board emergence just after takeoff. the exact cause of the crash is still under investigation. and a broken walter main is to blame for a goopy, muddy mess in a suburban san francisco neighborhood. >> cars buried in muck up to the wheel wells after a torrent of water gushed out of a reservoir, all thanks to some piping installed way back, during the 1930s. >> it is an 8-inch cast iron pipe. it sheered off up on the hillside. so we, measure about 45,000 gallons of water. we took at the water level at the time before it broke. and then when we isolated it. crews isolated that valve in 10 minutes upon their response. >> now, the good news is that, no homes were damaged.
3:10 am
walter service is now fully restored. >> quite a mess though. after 3 1/2 months of anticipation, a bouncing baby boy in california. got just what was coming to him. a name. >> indeed. a traditional chinese ceremony was held at the zoo. pan dachlt out of thousand of entries, zoo visitors voted, to name him, shiao woo. >> which means little gift. >> zoo officials stay, shio woo. cub on the small side but strong. 23 inches taum. weighs just over 9 pound. >> welcome to the world, shiao woo. >> i'll have what he is having. >> ooh, specialty.
3:11 am
some fries with this? oh. man. >> coming up, increasingly popular way for experienced bike tires stay on the road. our man goes along for the ride. >> first, a year's long case that started with surveillance video of a brutal barroom beating. some say justice has now ben served. we'll be back. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call today to request a free decision guide
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♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. a jury has decided the city of chicago must pay $850,000 to a bartender who was brutally beaten by a drunken policeman. the city vows to keep fighting because the cop though was offduty. >> but the bartender says the police department itself is to blame. paul miky of of our chicago station, wls, has the story. >> no comment. >> reporter: this ex-cop chose not to discuss the verdict. >> no comment. >> reporter: the city contended his pummeling of a bartender was unprovoked, inexcusable, but responsibility rested with him, a cop offduty and completely drunk. the victim's attorneys argued
3:16 am
that he acted the way he did was he was aun frayed of the consequences. protected by a long time police code of silence. >> there is a code of silence alive and well in the chicago police department. we had the incredible burden in this case of proving it was widespread and persistent. >> reporter: the jury, throw men, eight women, agreed accepting the argument, that he conspired with officers to men is my the case against him and higher ups sought to soft pedal the case to not damage the department's reputation. the head of internal affairs strongly disputed that. the jury awarded the victim $850,000 in damages. >> i am still shocked. and there is so many thoughts on my mind that i really don't know what to say. >> reporter: one of the things she does say is that justice was served. attorneys for the city would not comment on camera. the citien a written statement respectfully disagrees with the decision and we intend to
3:17 am
challenge the verdict. the power of this tape weighed heavily. >> i don't know if that was a determining factor in what they decided. i think just having that out there, going to make it a very uphill battle. >> paul miky from wls. reporting there. that video was hard to watch. at the time, 265-pound man. she 'twas 115 pound woman. any kind of violence man against a woman is hard to watch. especially a drunken tirade. >> spawned a clean-up from the police department. summit stepped down. vowed to clean up their image as well. looks like they are vowing to fight it. he was offduty. >> the mayor there, says look not a vow of silence or code of silence in the department. he asked to find those who think there is. and root them out. tough to argue with $800,000 for a woman who had to endure that. messy, messy. coming up next after the break.
3:18 am
disaster on the golf course. a player is carried out on a stretcher. sure that he was dying. >> but then he roars back to victory. what was it. how did he manage to win. stay with us to find out.
3:19 am
♪ pressure >> golf certain is not a contact sport, and a golf tournament is rarely the scene of a medical emergency. but charlie belgian defied the odds. >> got to pace yourself, rob. >> indeed. >> with his career on the line, the 28-year-old golfer thought he was having a heart attack and was carried off on a stretcher. how did he turn disaster into victory? here is abc's david wright. >> reporter: has long been said that competitive golf is a sport
3:20 am
played mainly on a 5 1/2-inch course, the space between your ears. >> unfortunate bogey. >> reporter: in florida he staggered through 1 holes on live tv appearing to be in the middle of a major emergency. >> i felt like i was having a heart attack. first tee to the 18th. felt lickke i was going to pass out. i didn't have a choice. the stakes were huge. his future on the pga tour, his livelihood on the line. >> i told my caddie we are not leaving here unless i am getting carted off middle of the fair way. >> reporter: no sooner did he finish than the ambulance whisked him away. doctors determined his heart was healthy. turns out he was having a panic attack. the sudden onset of extreme anything sigh team causing the bed to pump out adrenaline, as fight or flight response. the heart racing uncontrollably. sweating, shortness of breath. 6 million americans suffer from
3:21 am
panic disorders. >> symptoms that are similar to having a heart attack. and people fear that they are dying. >> reporter: under the circumstances it is remarkable he finished the round. in fact only later from his hospital bed did he discover how well he did. >> i finally looked at my phone at 10:30. that's when i realized i had a three shot lead. >> reporter: he had two more rounds over the weekend. he had to keep his paining at bay. >> probably a blessing in disguise. i spent more time worrying about breathing and slowing things down. >> reporter: deep breathing is one way to manage panic attacks. in this case it won him the tournament. other treatments involve valium and drugs not allowed on the pga tour. for now, this new father will stick to managing the attacks by trying to stay calm. >> i was fighting for my career, my family, my baby, everything. the mind is -- much more powerful than, than the body. >> reporter: a lesson as important in life as it is in golf. david wright, abc news, los angeles.
3:22 am
>> i didn't realize it was that common a problem. 6 million folks have that. >> deep breaths, rob. >> that's it. kind of crazy. we know what producers and directors think when we start ad-libbing. the panic attack upstairs. >> ah, deep breaths everybody. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection) is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be serious and life threatening. ask your healthcare provider about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving.
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♪ ♪ ♪ all right sunday night where are you waiting for the game ♪ ♪ red white and blue >> everybody knows that song. >> everybody knows faith hill. she looks good when she sing that song. if you were born to be wild, being mild, it's just not going to cut it. >> that's why more and more bikers are becoming trikers. nick watt joined one gang and went for a spin.
3:26 am
>> reporter: beard. chrome. leather vests. more beard. and that noise. these fellows aren't bikers, they're trikers, saddling up on an easier rider. >> life without your bike is just life. and that's never ben enough for us. >> reporter: when old bones just can't handle two wheels anymore. >> i wanted to get a harley. but i have a bad leg. >> different reasons. different hip replacements. we go to a trike. >> reporter: as the babyboomers are aging, trike sales are through the roof, up 45% last year. harley davidson is making a three wheeled model. and many of the beasts are custom made. >> most of us just want to keep ourselves in the wind. >> reporter: the brothers of the third wheel a benevolent global triker gang has 7,000 members and counting.
3:27 am
there are guys still riding well into their 90s. it is a more laid back experience than a bike. riding, i could have fallen asleep if it wasn't for bobbi's pink ponytail flapping in my face. triking is keeping the aging and injured on the open road. >> if you don't know the feeling it is hard to explain. bugs in your teeth. you know just a blast. >> reporter: are you going to ride this thing until you die? >> i will ride until i get killed or die. >> reporter: born to be wild, dawn is refusing to grow old. nick watt, abc news, on the pacific coast highway. >> huh. >> wow. manufacturers are starting to put conversion kits out there, on the market to turn your two wheel near a three wheeler. whatever keeps you rocking and rolling into your golden years, why not. go for it. >> i like a tricycle. a different kind of tricycle. harley davidson, offers the tri-glide, ultraclassic, base price $30 t. >> wow! that pricey, huh? >> uh-huh.
3:28 am
>> whew, man. >> it is expensive to ride away into the sunset. >> and then throw the depends on top of that.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- the first sighting of paula broadwell since the world found out she is the mistress of former cia director david petraeus. >> we have also learned that broadwell had e-mailed others now involved in the military sex scandal. it is wednesday, november 14th. >>. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
>> that's right. broadwell wasn't only e-mailing the other woman in the scandal, jill kelley. good morning, i'm paula faris. we have a couple more layers. >> the other, other woman. get your flow charts out to follow the story, folks. good morning, i am rob nelson. reporters will have a chance to question president obama about the story today. it his first news conference since his re-election. >> as if he doesn't have enough on his plate. right? this half-hour we have reported here about dangers of cheerleading. go team. go, rob. go "world news now." you probably know where we are going with this one. we have the latest example from last night in the nba. pretty horrific to watch. we will tell you exactly -- how this one ended. >> hope she is okay. hope she is okay. we are hearing this morning from paul ryan. he tells our john karl about the shock of last tuesday night and whether president obama now has a mandate to govern in his second term. some interesting comments from the former veep candidate. >> whether or not he is considering 2016. we mentioned the guy the voice of elmo yesterday in "the skinny," well a distinctly adult story involving a children's character with new developments. stay with us for that.
3:32 am
>> we begin with the first pictures of paula broadwell since it was revealed she did have an affair with david petraeus. broadwell, as you can see here, was seen at her brother's house in washington right there in the window eating and having a little bit of wine. >> we are learning much more about the other woman also at the center of the scandal. we are talking about jill kelley. abc's martha raddatz reports. >> reporter: it is breathtaking. within days, two four-star generals so widely respected in the midst of scandal. first, david petraeus, and now general john allen being investigated for sending what the pentagon said were potentially inappropriate messages. putting on hold his likely pro promotion to become the supreme allied commander in europe. >> of course it weighs on him. as much as it weighs on dave petraeus. i believe that dave is very, very sad for what he has admitted he did.
3:33 am
>> reporter: at the center of this web, jill kelley, the tampa socialite and honorary military ambassador, living near the centcom headquarters, where petraeus and allen were once based. officials say the was early this summer that kelley received anonymous e-mails accusing her of flaunting her friendly relationships with top military brass. the fbi traced those e-mails become to paula broadwell's computer where they discovered the evidence of broadwell's affair with david petraeus. but it doesn't stop there. abc news has learned that general allen also received an anonymous e-mail traced to paula broadwell painting jill kelley as a seductress. a further look by the fbi into kelley's e-mails revealed hundreds between kelley and general allen. 20,000 to 30,000 pages of communications in all. but a source familiar with the e-mails say they contain no evidence of a sexual relationship. supporting what allen says -- instead, they're describeded as
3:34 am
friendly, perhaps flirtatious, but routine. mostly about meetings with ambassadors, dinner parties. in one note, kelley tells the general she saw him on tv. he responds -- thanks, dear, you are a sweetheart. many e-mails from kelley to general allen's wife. the two couples were good friends. >> until anyone proves otherwise, i believe he did nothing inappropriate. >> reporter: and the white house made clear the president still has the faith in general allen. but the petraeus case is an entirely different matter. federal agents descended on the home of his mistress, paula broadwell, gathering more material including a desk top computer. making sure she doesn't hold any classified information. and dave petraeus once such a public hero now forced into the shadows. while there is plenty of anger over petraeus' behavior with paula broadwell, the overwhelming reaction i have heard from troops is one of
3:35 am
sadness mixed with pride for his years of leadership and hardship in the nation's wars. martha raddatz, abc new, washington. and we have also learned that jill kelley tried to claim diplomatic immunity in a complaint call to police about reporters who were on her lawn. >> her license plate does carry the title honorary consul, that was given by the korean embassy and carries no special privileges. we learned that kelley hired a top washington criminal defense lawyer and publicist. but, jill kelley and her husband very good friends with general petraeus and his wife. in reading of the article from "usa today" they said that jill kelley and petraeus they exchange nearly daily e-mails and instant messages. two former staffers told ap. but those messages were exchanged in accounts that aides regularly monitored and they were not romantic in tone as were the messages to general allen. >> a lot of the e-mails from jill to general allen were to general allen's wife.
3:36 am
if there was an affair, would the mistress be e-mailing the wife? there is a reason to perhaps believe there was something more innocent than what was going on with petraeus. an interesting historical footnote here, the lawyer now representing broadwell, the petraeus mistress works for the same firm that represented monica lewinsky. so it gets dirty and interesting and just washington -- uh -- insider stuff all the way around too. you have to wonder, the two guys are busy, running wars, four-star generals, they had that much time for all these little, you know, minutia filled e-mails, 20,000, 30,000,000 over two-year span. two very busy powerful men why are they in communication with a bored socialite what she has been called in tampa. there are still questions here. >> can't be taken down by the most powerful men in the world or terrorists or military, but they can be taken down by women. >> the power of the opposite sex, folks.
3:37 am
all right. it is expected president obama will be asked about the petraeus scandal during his news conference this afternoon. abc news will provide live coverage on-air and on line at 1:30 eastern time. three people are dead following a fiery plane crash in jackson, mississippi. all three were killed when their single-engine piper slammed into a house just after takeoff tuesday night. a mother and son escaped the burning home with minor injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and still no word on what caused a powerful explosion that leveled a neighborhood in indianapolis. two people were killed. five homes were destroyed in that blast. saturday night. dozens of other homes were damaged. investigators say there was no smell of gas before the explosion. but nothing has been ruled out. a cheerleader for the orlando magic is hospitalized this morning after a stunt went horribly wrong. between the first and second
3:38 am
quarter, jamie wood was on a teammate's shoulders when she fell and hit the ground hard. paramedics were so concerned they immediately put her in a neck brace. wood was able to wave to the crowd as she was taken away in a stretcher. the hardwood floor. the wave there is a good sign she is going to be okay. good to see. >> those girls are able to maneuver their bodies and flip around. it is dangerous. some people don't think cheerleading is a sport. come on. >> it is dangerous. i'm not going to get tossed up in the air like those folks. hope she is okay. >> two pretty hardy snow boarders back on dry land this morning after being stranded on a blizzard on mt. rainier since sunday. >> they got lost in whiteout conditions with no overnight gear and few crackers to eat. after calling 911, they built a snow cave and hunkered down. once rescue teams arrived with warm drinks, and snowshoes they made it off the mountain on their own power. >> own volition. get down the mountain. >> impressive.
3:39 am
lucky dudes. here is your wednesday weather. showers, thunderstorms in the southeast from macon, georgia, jacksonville, orlando, and miami. mountain snow in the northern rockies. morning showers, seattle to portland. warming up in the southwest. >> 77, phoenix. 67, sacramento. 50s pacific northwest. 40s, midwest and northeast. she has been waiting for this all morning. go for it. >> my voice is still struggling. and here is why. as some of you know i spent the weekend in chicago where i worked for the last six years. saw some friends. had fun at the bears' game. they did lose. unfortunately. i did a pretty good job humiliating myself singing at a fund raiser with richard marx. ♪ i hate myself for loving you ♪ can't break free ♪ from the things that you do ♪ i want to rock but i run back to you ♪ ♪ that's why i hate myself for loving you ♪ yes, i was channeling my inner joan jett.
3:40 am
i hate myself for loving you. had a little liquid courage before i went on. >> i guess so -- >> but the event -- "newsapalooza" and take people pay big money to see them out of their element. not everybody is that good. but i want to thank, richard roper, rocon, two radio icons. i will not sing it for you. >> you can sing. i asked you to sing. you have never didn't. now you are going to take us to break with a little -- give us a little something, raspy, sexy, go for it, got the lights. ♪ i hate myself for loving you >> oh, paula faris. >> i love myself for loving you. >> i'm impressed. richard marx, yes, indeed. >> i turn my back and you've been messing around. >> not me. no, i am a choirboy. i am impressed. check her out at the grammys. coming up. must be getting close to the end of the year. top ten lists coming out.
3:41 am
one we will have in "the skinny." >> next up, paul ryan back to the house of representatives, and talking to abc news. it's all coming up on "world news now." ♪ i hate myself for loving you >> and we love you. >> joan jett. >> uh-huh. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn insurance. to you by colonial penn insurance. [ snoring ]
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well one of the most puzzling results of last well one of the most puzzling results of last week's presidential election was how surprised mitt romney and paul ryan were that they actually lost. >> almost blindsided. now paul ryan has given his first network tv interview since
3:45 am
the defeat to abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: how much of a shock was it? >> well, you know -- we thought we had a really good chance of winning. the polling and the data and all the people, the smart people who watch this stuff -- they had a pretty optimistic view on the night. and so going into boston that day, we felt like we had a pretty darn good chance of winning. as you can imagine it was a bit of a shock. when we didn't win. >> reporter: "saturday night live" poked fun at ryan, native of janesville, wisconsin. >> mother sent me to got you, father. paul ryan is doing feats of strength in the drawing room. she thought we would like to see. >> i would like to see him carry wisconsin! >> reporter: the president wins 330-some electoral votes, every battleground state with the exception of north carolina does barack obama now have a mandate? >> i don't think so. because they also re-elected the house republicans. whether people -- intended or not, we have got divided government.
3:46 am
>> reporter: you don't think there is a mandate here? >> i don't. because then they would have put nancy pelosi in charge of the house of representatives. see, i think these idea that we talked about i think they're popular ideas. this is a very close election. unfortunately, divided government didn't work very well the last two years. we are going to have to make sure it works for the next two years. that means i think both parties have to talk to each other. >> reporter: diane sawyer asked speaker boehner if you are now the de facto leader of the republican party. and his answer was, oh, i wouldn't think so. paul ryan is a policy wonk. >> i take that as a great compliment from john. >> reporter: is that your role in the republican party, the house policy wonk? >> i have also been one of the house policy wonks. my role is to continue to be a champion of ideas. to help our party be the reform party. that shows how we get economic growth. >> reporter: i asked ryan about speculation that he would be an early front-runner for the republican presidential nomination in 2016. he told me it is way too early to even think about the next presidential race.
3:47 am
jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> he also said another reason his team lost the turnout in urban areas in the country was so high. they also lost in states with few minorities and rural areas, iowa, new hampshire. if you look at a lot of the president's poll numbers, there was more at play than folks of color coming out in support. one important part of the narrative not the full story. so interesting, good to hear from him, and of course they're looking at 2016. they're all looking at 2016. we'll see. >> let's hope they look in the mirror first and restructure. >> a fine point. when we come back this morning, the verdict is in. it is "in style's" best dressed list. >> see if you agree in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. action i love telling big stories about big heroes. but, at the end of thehe day, rl life is better than any story. our service men and women are the real heroes.
3:48 am
every day they make the crifices for their country; for my country; for my son's country. the uso gives us real ways to support our real hees. there is a way we can n say thanks. you can go to and make a real difference in their lives today. do it.
3:49 am
. ♪ skinny so skinny all right, so anybody that ♪ skinny so skinny all right, so anybody that knows anything about fashion wants to end up on "in style's" top dressed list. the top fashionistas of 2012, we'll start with. >> besides us. >> besides us. i think we are on the worst dressed list actually. the best dressed of 2012, emma stone. actress. >> all right. >> stunning, stunning blond. sometimes has red hair. sometimes dark hair. never know. she looks beautiful no matter what.
3:50 am
emma stone is coming in as the top dressed female of 2012. then diane kruger, no relation to my husband john kruger. it's spelled a little differently. she is still stunning. >> thank you for clarifying. >> kristen stewart. yes, alexa chung. >> kristen, i just don't get it. >> and kate bosworth. top five. then, we have a wee one, little suri cruise at number nine. >> little suri. young to be on the list. i have to ask, kate middleton made the list to assume? duchess of cambridge. seven. >> there she is. >> why would you care about that? >> i don't know. >> she is on everyone's top list. i don't know if she got bumped off. which would be a major scandal, "gma" would cover all morning. >> he says he doesn't like the royals. >> i don't like the royals. >> truth comes out. >> speaking of the truth, truth comes out. kevin clash, the voice behind the popular character elmo. nasty allegations came out he had a relationship with an under aged boy.
3:51 am
he has since confirmed, yes, he is gay, yes there was a relationship, it happened when the, the accuser who is now 23 years old, came out and said, look i am recanting my accusations here. yes there was a relationship. but i was of age at the time. so, this young man, kevin clash, the voice of elmo has been cleared now and exonerated. so, whatever rumors are out there the last few days all cleared up. accuser says no, i am take it back. good news that we got to that. so, you know, no, all the tickle me jokes can cease for now. >> jeez. rob, when you pick up the latest edition of "allure" magazine, december edition. >> right next to the toilet. >> you will see keira knightley, a lot of her, not much of her. coming under criticism for the cover shot. critics are saying she looks anorexic. this plagued her for a very long
3:52 am
time. she said, tells the magazine, the constant criticism gets her at time. she denies it. i knew i wasn't anorexic. maybe my body is somehow not right. yeah. under fire. >> body images. in hollywood. >> 50 pounds. >> send her a burger. send her some snacks. >> do i look fat? i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead.
3:53 am
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clump crusher...crusher. 200% more volume. zero clumps. new clump crusher from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. ♪ ♪ >> haven't heard that song in years. well done, guys. >> uh-huh. finally we have all been there driving in a hurry and stuck behind a school bus taking forever and ever. i think they're still unloading all those kids. probably tempted to pass right around it. >> well one cleveland woman didn't have to wait because she detoured right around the bus on the sidewalk. but that's where her luck ended. and our cleveland station has the story. >> reporter: when 32-year-old sheena harden pulled her sidewalk stunt in september she didn't know she was being
3:56 am
recorded. today it was lights, camera, action. the video captured in cleveland went viral, the cleveland muni court judge displeased and sentenced harden to an unusual punishment, no jail time for driving on the sidewalk to get around a stopped school bus. however, a fine, suspended driver's license and this. during this morning's rush hour, harden had to stand at the intersection of 38th and superior wearing a sign that read "only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." people passing by said -- >> nice punishment for her. she took another route. >> people don't want to stop for buses all the time. just yesterday it almost happened. i am hoping people will learn from her mistake. >> lisa kelley's daughter was the one being picked up by the school bus when harden drove on the sidewalk. kelly thinks harden is not
3:57 am
taking this punishment seriously. >> she has been texting. she has been smoking. she is hiding her face. you know, she got sunglasses on. and it is snowing outside. you know? she don't care. >> reporter: as for harden she wasn't answering any questions. maybe you feel like you didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: perhaps she is letting the sign do her talking. >> as you heard in the piece the woman hasn't been doing what she is supposed to. the judge is upset. been out there leaning on her sign, texting, chain-smoking, hopped back in a waiting car during the hour she is supposed to be out there. now the judge in the case, is going to personally supervise her this morning to make sure she does it the right way. >> she is going to join her? >> he is going to personally supervise her, the update we have on the story. because she has been taking the lazy way out. >> i hope she takes the punishment seriously. she seriously could have hurt a child. >> some kids. all right, kind of scary. okay, have fun leaning on that
3:58 am
sign. more from abc next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" -- informing
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